In/Ex Widget 2.1

In/Ex Widget 2.1


Quickly calculate sales tax/VAT amounts. This is a Dashboard Widget, to use it you must have Mac OS X installed. Widget made by Almost Daily.

This widget calculates the VAT amounts based on your preferred tax rate. The exclusive amount is the base amount of 100% and the inclusive amount is the 100% amount multiplied by your tax rate.

This works both ways. For instance: you have a tax rate of 19%. If you enter 100 in the inclusive field and hit the Tab key, the exclusive amount shows 84,03, and the tax amount is 15,97. This means the 100% amount is 84,03, and 19% added tax results in an amount of 100,00.

Amounts are rounded to 2 decimals.

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2.1 Update: added several E.U. VAT rates.
2.01 Update: fixed error for rates below 10%.

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